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Taste the difference! Bon Macarons are handcrafted in the bakery, "Mac Lab" and offered in over 25 signature playful and classic flavors. Fillings are made with the finest French chocolate, fruit puree and ingredients. Bold, genuine flavors with balanced sweetness! 

European Macarons (mah-kah-RHONS) are made with almond meal, egg whites and sugar. Allergens: Nuts, dairy and eggs.

About Catherine Cooper

Founder/Chef, Catherine Cooper, is a Chicago area native and founded Bon Macaron in 2012 out of a local shared kitchen. She pursued professional cooking after working on food accounts in the corporate world.

Catherine attended Ecole Ferrandi Paris where she earned diplomas in professional macaron production and Classical French Cuisine followed by a cuisine internship at a 2 Michelin rated haute cuisine restaurant in Paris. She has an extensive teaching background and was a personal chef for busy families and professionals. Catherine's culinary training also includes professional pizzaiolo (pizza) VPN training in Napoli, Italy and Paris, France. 

Catherine's appreciation for the macaron developed while waiting in the long lines at the Parisian macaron patisserie shops. She followed her instincts and set her heart on the whimsical macaron. In June 2012, Catherine completed professional macaron production certification at Ecole Ferrandi and began to pursue her aspirations to start-up Bon Macaron in her hometown of Chicago. 

"I have tasted the very best (macaron) at the Parisian patisserie shops and my bar is set high. I am dedicated to handcrafting the premium quality macaron with bold, genuine flavors and blanaced sweetness." - Chef Catherine

Catherine earned a B.A. in English Literature from Pine Manor College in MA. She taught elementary grades and holds two Master's Degrees in Education from Boston University and Lesley College in MA. 

Today, Catherine utilizes her teaching expertise to train her team and offers Bon Macaron University classes for students worldwide in Chicago. 


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